Straight Outta Uxbridge

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Working Abroad

Our time in Sydney is nearly up - and not a moment too soon.

After the initial excitement, we have definitely settled in to a routine. We know what days, what time and what channel our favourite TV shows are on, we know when happy hour is in all the bars within 2 miles, we know what day is best to get the special reduced prices at Woolworths and we know the best carraiges for getting on and off the train.

It may come as no surprise to you to learn that working in Sydney is just as rubbish as working in London. No matter how you dress it up, it's still work. The only plus point is that it doesn't take an hour an a half to get there, and the middle of winter is still onlynn hoodie weather.

Highlights from Sydney include the Aussies going football crazy and convincing themselves they could win the World Cup just because Tim Cahill managed to score against a second rate Japan team. Watching England beat Paraguay on a boat that went out and stopped in the middle of the harbour. Boozy nights with Vinny, and then a few weeks later Matt (Uni chums), and of course, Australian TV - it may be worsse than Channel 5 for advert breaks, but by God every night is a winner!

Marco arrives tomorrow morning and we have a massive motorhome hired and ready to go for Tuesday. Taking 3 weeks to drive up to Cairns - diving the Barrier Reef as we go - is something we've been looking forward to since we got here.

Bring on the sunshine!