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Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Rest Of Australia

Oh bloody hell, I have been putting this off for a good few weeks now. It's not that we didn't have a great time along the south of Australia, it's just we're in New Zealand now and I just can't be arsed to write about it. Well here goes; a summary in 3 paragraphs:

1. The South West

Probably the most picturesque part of the entire country, the south west is known for it's giant Karri trees. Sure they're big, but they're hardly awe inspiring. We did attempt to climb one that had nothing but a spiral of metal poles drilled into it, but we bottled it when we got to about 35m (less than half way) - you'll see why when you look at the photo. We were more than a little bit wobbly when we came back down, and managed to do ourselves a mischief which rendered us unable to walk, get in or out of our van or generally move without pain for the next 3 days. The coast line is also rather nice down here and we even spotted a couple of migrating whales from the comfort of our van.

2. The Nullabor Plain

The journey from Esperance to Adelaide crosses this vast expanse and could be quite possibly the most boring driving experience possible to mankind. The advertised highlight of this 2 day trip is the longest straightest bit of road in Australia (90 miles) and the photo opportunity it presents.

Let's move on...

3. The South East

The highlight of my time here was catching up with my cousin and her family in Adelaide and meeting my long lost Uncle who lives betwen there and Melbourne. We had a terrific time with all of them and Kerri even shed a little tear as we left - bless her. Another amazing costal drive, including a visit to some rocks in the sea called the 12 apostles (which you can see Kerri enjoying) led us to Melbourne, which turned out to be our favourite city in Australia. To quote myself "It's well lit."

So there you have it. This actually came out more interesting than I thought it would. We left Melbourne after a couple of days and drove to Sydney (rather like a homecoming) and then we flew to New Zealand.

The End.


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